Digital Props

This video features graphics created as digital props for the film ‘The Expendables’ directed by Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo) and ‘Robosapien’ produced by Avi Arad (Spiderman, X-Men).

The purpose of these digital props is so that the actor can have an interactive experience when working on the set of a film. Bipolar Bear Productions can create custom, high quality digital props to fit any kind production that you may have in mind.

The Expendables


These pictures were taken on the Garage Set of ‘The Expendables.’

Four 30 inch Mac Monitors linked together on set

The set was located in an actual steel mill.

Sylvester Stallone working on our graphics.

Late night in New Orleans on 'The Expendables.'

These next four pictures were taken on the Robotics Factory set of ‘Robosapien.’

The Lab set for the movie 'Robosapien' (notice the graphic screens).

Animated screens in the 'Inner Lab.'

Reverse view of the factory with more screens (23 total).

Ryan - Tired, goofy-lookin', but happy.